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Have you bought CBD that you feel Doesn't Work ! and feel "I've been Ripped Off ! or think it's all a Scam !"




If any of the above emotions about CBD apply to you then one of the following is probably true:

1. You are one of the very few people who has an underdeveloped canabidiol system in your body.
 These people do not respond to canabidiol oil. This is very rare and unlikely.

2. You have been sold something that looks and sounds like CBD ~ Hemp Oil, Cannabis Seed Oil, Bud Oil, Isolate Oil, etc BUT !  If it doesnt say 'Full Spectrum CBD Oil' then it ISN'T and you are wasting your money.

3. You are 'Vaping' CBD. CBD can ONLY be 'Vaped' for the flavour or taste. CBD oil is destroyed at 65° C 
 There is no recorded. medicinal or health benefits from burning CBD.

4. You are not taking it at the correct dose for your body weight and consistent with the problems you are trying to help. CBD comes in strengths from 2.5% (250mg) up to 50% (5000mg) Getting the correct dose is for your symptom(s) is essential.

We can help you get the best possible results from using CBD this is how:

1. We will start by giving you a FREE 30 minute consultation to discuss your symptoms and existing treatments.

2. We will recommend a strategy over a period of 4 weeks and monitor you week by week if requested.

3. We will guide your usage & strength until we reach optimum effectiveness.

4. We will offer you a discount on future purchases, plus we will credit  any purchases that prove ineffective against later purchases until we acheive an effective dose.

5. We will be available at all times to advise and assist you in your path to a healthly life through CBD

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